Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I told ya!

More than three years ago I've reported an issue about filetype detection in Vim.

Vim tries to detect filetype by file name and contents. If there were no match in builtin rules and file contains #-comment in first several lines, it's filetype is set to "conf". But then it sources additional user-provided filetype detection scripts.

There is :setfiletype command, that sets "the 'filetype' option to {filetype}, but only if not done yet in a sequence of (nested) autocommands", which can not be used for files, those filetype already set to "conf" by this fallback code.

I suggested to move loading of user-provided filetype detection scripts above this fallback code and immediately received replies that I "should never create, delete or modify any file in the $VIMRUNTIME directory tree" and "current method is correct"

Finally, new patch appears. After THREE FUCKING YEARS!

I hate them...

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