Sunday, March 14, 2010

GNU is Not Usable

If you want to make something completely unusable - give it to GNU crowd. These guys seem to have ability to turn anything they touch into shiny and whistling piece of bad-smelling shit. No need to go far - take a look at GNU info. And the progress never stops, every new release of their info browser is getting worse and worse, they are making impossible things possible.

Recently I was playing with WindowMaker project, trying to clean it's autocrapped buildsystem. Inside WindowMaker there are WINGs library and WPrefs application that both contains gettext-driven translations, having three textdomains in total.

Here comes the question for one million points: how all these textdomains can be handled with one configure script? And by "handled" I mean "single autoreconf invocation should update and shit for all po subdirs". Answer is: you can't, shut up and suffer.

GNU is so GNU...

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